The Life and Times of a Tribal Class Frigate.




HMS ESKIMO was a Type 81 General Purpose Frigate of the Tribal Class. HMS ? Eskimo was built at Cowes by J. Samuel White and laid down on 22nd October 1958. She was launched on 20th March 1960 and commissioned on 21st February 1963. Decommissioned in August 1980 she was used for spares during the Falklands War and then towed to Pembroke Dock to be used as a target in 1986. Not having been used as such, she was towed to Bilbao, Spain in May 1992 to be broken up.









 This drawing has come from the Admiralty Manual of Seamanship 1964, vol 1.

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Some images of the Commissioning booklet from Malcolm Webster.